We have been dealing with wood for more than 100 years, for this reason we can be proud of our good and consolidated experience.

We provide ourselves with wood, cut it, work it and sell it all over the world.

We offer a high quality product with an accurate and efficient service.

We have in stock more than 200 types of wood and we produce sheared and sawed of all sizes to meet any kind of request.

We supply big industries and artisans with any type of traditonal or refined wood and our customers always find the colour and the shade of the wood they are looking for.

Giacomo SERALVO & Sons loves tradition, but can also keep up with the times.

We are continually updated about market trends and requests, so it is very difficult that you find us short of materials.

We can offer you any kind of fashionable and classic wood.

You can trust us. Now you just only have to come and visit us or phone us.

We will answer all your questions and give you any information you may need.

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